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The Consumer Law Group, P.C.
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What our Clients Say...

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case.

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  • I would definitely recommend Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr. of The Consumer Law Group, P.C. to friends and family—in fact, I already have.

    Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr. met all my needs promptly and professionally while handling my Virginia Lemon Law case. In addition to being impressed by Mr. Gayle, his staff was extremely helpful. Jennifer and Pam were so kind and helpful. I felt like my problem truly mattered to them. Throughout the course of my case, I was kept well informed and up-to-date. I would absolutely come back to The Consumer Law Group, P.C., the law firm of Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr., to receive legal help for any consumer law issue such as Lemon Law. I would definitely recommend  Attorney Gayle to friends and family—in fact, I  already have. I shared that Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr. is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I am completely satisfied with how Mr. Gayle and his firm treated me.

    K Stephenson
  • "The Consumer Law Group made me feel like they had my back..."

    The service that The Consumer Law Group provided was wonderful.  LG told me to fill out the notice letter [template that Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr.created] and that worked. I liked that The Consumer Law Group called me now and then, to check up on me. It made me know that you all were thinking of me. It made me feel like someone had my back.  You all really helped me. If I ever hear of people having problems similar to mine, I will be sending them your way.

    Jay of Lancaster County
  • Review of Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr. and The Consumer Law Group, P.C., regarding Virginia Lemon Law

    Dear Mr. Gayle and The Consumer Law Group team, You had mentioned to me at one point that your firm does not always hear back on what happens after you share your advice and direction, so I am forwarding this email to you. During our consultation with Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr., Mr. Gayle reviewed the VA Lemon Law and BBB Auto Line process. The information and instructions he shared won this case for my family member. Thank you for being responsive, supportive, and providing a clear process to follow. Kind regards,  

    Grateful Consumer in DC
  • Results from our Lemon Law Case were very satisfying.

    I was very satisfied with the results of the settlement in our Lemon Law case.  It took longer than expected, but in our case, patience paid off.  Mr. Gayle encouraged us to continue the process even when we were most doubtful of the outcome.  Mr. Gayle did not overstate our chances of "winning" a decision in our favor.  

    Kyle Coble, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Why we used John Gayle for the Virginia Lemon Law

    If you are looking for a Lemon Law attorney in Virginia - look no further than Mr. John Gayle.  Who better to handle your case than the man who co-authored the Virginia Lemon Law?  I was very fortunate to have found Mr. Gayle and his firm to assist me after months of getting nowhere with the manufacturer of my brand new car that turned out to be a lemon.  Mr. Gayle has a proven track record and a stellar reputation.  Personally, I think that just having his name on the legal paperwork helped contribute to the settlement in my favor.  Given all the work was done by him and his wonderful and knowledgeable staff, his fee was extremely reasonable.  I highly recommend Mr. Gayle and The Consumer Law Group.

  • "My husband and I were without a doubt 100% impressed..."

    My husband and I were without a doubt 100% impressed by the professionalism and timely response that this law group possessed.  We were a little reluctant on using a law firm that was not based in our home town as we were not sure of the attention our case would hold.  However, the interaction between not only Mr. Gayle but also his staff was superb.  Thankfully we were able to settle our case before trial and were thrilled to meet Mr. Gayle and his staff when we picked up our settlement check.  Again a big "Thank You!!" A lot if times when dealing with attorneys you will find you will speak more with their assistants than the attorney him/herself.  However, there were many times we spoke to Mr. Gayle and his attention and detail to our case was specific.  I would highly recommend Mr. Gayle and his staff to anyone who is ever in need.  

    Chase and Jennifer
  • Mr. Woody gives testimony about his experience at the Consumer Law Group, P.C.

    About to buy my first new car, I armed myself for the experience and found just the right car at the right price. I got a quote in writing and made the trek to one of Virginia's high volume dealers. The process was a grueling marathon of waiting to be sold add-ons after I finally agreed to an OTD price with my trade-in included. Thinking I was done, and just needed to sign the final documents, the Finance Rep went to work; throwing out scenario after scenario and interest rates and changes and warranties to "certify" my loan to get a lower interest rate, etc. Admittedly, I was not prepared for this, and finally agreed and signed some papers, so I could leave in my new car. I was not fully aware to what I agreed, but they worked to the point that I didn't care anymore in that moment. After a few days, I got a call from the dealer about "mistakes" they made with the initial paperwork. This didn't sit right with me, so I began to research what might be happening.  I searched "dealer mistake loan paperwork," and similar phrases. I discovered this is a common tactic used by dealers to make the most on your loan through kickbacks and other favors garnered through close working relationships with the dealers and lenders.  I also discovered the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board of Virginia and stumbled onto their memos sent to dealers after consumer legislation passed in 2009. The memo informed the dealers about their obligations to consumers, and how to legally "Spot Deliver." I also discovered I could legally refuse the new contract and return the car.  During this research, I discovered The Consumer Law Group, P.C., and after having a brief phone consultation, I knew I was within my right to refuse to sign the new paperwork and return the new car to the dealer. Since I live 3 hours from the dealer and was driving the car as if I owned it, the car had close to 900 miles by the time I finally spoke to the Finance Representative. Knowing they would have to accept their car back and "make me whole" for my down payment and trade-in, they kept the original contract in place, and removed all the add-ons I felt I was tricked into purchasing.  I even got an apology from the Finance Representative for being unclear when selling me the add-ons. Win! Thank you, guys. I was envisioning years of being reminded of being ripped-off every time I got in my car. now, I love it even more than the first day I got it. It now represents a huge win after having stood up for myself against a powerful entity, and got, what I feel, is fairness. That is rare in today's world. Without John and Lora Gayle, and their helpful staff, I wouldn't have had the same conviction to fight. They confirmed my rights and responsibilities and gave me a firmer foundation of knowledge to win my battle. A battle fought solely for fairness and the principles of integrity and honesty in business. Thank you to The Consumer Law Group P.C.  

  • "All in all, contacting the Consumer Law Group was the smartest decision I made. "

    I am beyond satisfied with the representation I received. From day one, the entire staff was friendly and helpful and Mr. Gayle displayed true concern over my case. I was kept informed during every step throughout the whole process. Mr. Gayle was amazing and so very helpful to me whenever I had a question. The most important thing to me was keeping me in the loop. I never had to call and ask what was going on with my case. Either Pam or Mr. Gayle would e-mail or call every time something happened, regardless of how big or small. Plus the genuine feeling of concern for everyone there, I know without a doubt that each one of them truly cares about their clients. All in all, contacting the Consumer Law Group was the smartest decision I made. 

    Christina Albertson
  • Please share my sincere gratitude for Mr. Gayle's assistance to resolve favorably my situation

    Please share my sincere gratitude for Mr. Gayle's assistance to resolve favorably my situation. As he instructed, I demanded they accept the return and refund for the vehicle. The dealership provided a rescission agreement and full reimbursement of $37,082.81 in the dorm of a check payable to the lien holder and myself. Mr. Gayle' guidance and strong encouragement made the difference!  

    Winston Miller
  • We needed help with our Hyundai Lemon. We called John Cole Gayle's office. Problem solved.

    In mid December 2011, Carol and I took delivery of our new Hyundai 4.6 Genesis Sedan.  Three weeks later the first failure to start occurred.  In the next year; in Christmas 2012, six additional failures occurred.  The dealership was unable to correct any of the deficiencies.  They did charge the battery and we picked up the car which started when jumped.  After Christmas 2012 the car sat dead in our driveway until it was towed back to the dealership.   In the middle of 2012 we became aware of the Lemon Law.  We decided to take advantage of the law since in our first year of use we were only able to drive about 8000 miles, mostly on longer distance travels. Once we had contacted The Consumer Law Group, we were advised of the ability of the Lemon Law to solve automobile deficiencies with our new Hyundai Genesis.  This resulted in understanding it would be a long time and frustrating effort to resolve.  With John Gayle's help it was realized successfully.  The Consumer Law Group was very helpful in keeping the parties informed of the status of the resolution.  They also helped soothe our frustration.

    Charles H. Midlothian, VA
  • The willingness to provide support and candid advice was much appreciated.

    Our experience with The Consumer Law Group and John Gayle was outstanding.  They made a very difficult situation understandable and provided high quality service, professional staffing and candid advice.  The willingness to provide support and candid advice was much appreciated.  In each step of the process, Mr. Gayle and his staff was always available to provide assistance and listen to concerns.  The things that most impressed us were accessibility and trust.

    JoAnne Jones
  • Lemon Law Clients in Virginia are completely satisfied.

    We are completely satisfied with the outcome of our case.  John C. Gayle, Jr., Pamela Sue Campbell and the staff at The Consumer Law Group, P.C. were professional, provided impeccable service and advice, straightforward with the procedure regarding the Lemon Law complaints.  They were honest and most efficient in all correspondence and their legal assistance.  The Consumer Law Group, P.C. ensured that we were treated and compensated fairly. We plan to recommend The Consumer Law Group, P.C. to anyone who is in the same predicament that we were in.  We pity any consumer who is not aware of the Lemon Law and/or aware of the expertise of John Cole Gayle, Jr. and The Consumer Law Group, P.C.

    Minnie & Russ Irwin
  • Thanks for the advice from Mr. Gayle

    I called Mr. Gayle's office to ask about FDCPA and debt harassment for a debt I did not owe. Because of Mr. Gayle's advice, they have dropped everything.  I did exactly as Mr. Gayle specified.  I really appreciate the straight forward approach advice from Mr. Gayle.  His advice saved me a lot of time and worry.

  • When tackling big corporations it is good to have a pro like John Cole Gayle, Jr. and his group, The Consumer Law Group, P.C. behind you.

    We were very happy with the outcome of our case.  Everyone at The Consumer Law Group, P.C. was very helpful, pleasant and cooperative.  Great Group!  The benefits of working with The Consumer Law Group is the sanity check and guidance in a field we were VERY unsure about.  I would Definitely recommend John Gayle and The Consumer Law Group.  When tackling big corporations, it's nice to know that there's a pro standing behind you and guiding you along the way.  It's a long, tedious process to battle a big dog.  I'm not so sure we would have had the success we had w/out knowing The Consumer Law Group was on our side.

  • Client surprised she was getting a check for her FDCPA claim.

    In my FDCPA - Debt harassment claim, I was honestly quite shocked that the outcome meant a check for me.  Obviously, very pleased with the way that things worked out!  The Consumer Law Group, P.C. is very professional - both the attorney and staff.  I also felt that my case was handled quite speedily.  The greatest benefit for me wast that I no longer was contacted and harassed by the collection agency.  That made my life less stressful which I was very appreciative of.  I would definitely recommend your group!  I was treated kindly - I did not feel that I was being judged.  I appreciated the fact that I was able to contact your office and receive feddback in a very timely manner.   Thank you for taking care of a serious, stressful matter in such a superb way.  I am very appreciative of all of your efforts Mr. Gayle and Pam!

  • Lemon Law case settles and the client is thrilled.

    We were thrilled with the outcome of our Lemon Law case.  We liked working with The Consumer Law Group because they were very knowledgeable about our case and they got the job done.  We also liked having Pam to work with when I had questions, knowing that lawyers have very little time to be on the phone.  (I used to work for lawyers.)  We liked getting our case settled in a timely manner and we liked winning!!!  I would recommend The Consumer Law Group because they are extremely knowledgeable about what they are doing and they do a great job!  I was very pleased with my outcome of my case and felt like everyone at The Consumer Law Group was extremely helpful and kind.  Thanks for everything!

  • Everything and more.

    You were everything your reputation said you would be as recommended by a Commonwealth Attorney I spoke to.  Thank you for your help.

    Roy Walker
  • "Mr. Gayle, you are not what I expected a lawyer to be."

    Mr. Gayle, Pam and Lora, I just want to thank you, Lora and Pam for your kindness. I have been praying to find answers and help. I appreciate all of you for taking the time to look over my paperwork. I also thank you for doing so on your own time on top of your busy work and life schedules. Mr. Gayle, you are not what I expected a lawyer to be. You were honest, kind, and not trying to suck me dry of money I don't have for a case that is not there.  All of you were very warm, kind and helpful. Thank you, Kim & Tim Lyon

    Kim and Tim Lyon
  • Short and Sweet!

    The Best Testimonial Ever!!! Thanks John!  Pardon my language, but you kick a**.

  • The Consumer Law Group is a very professional law firm.

    The Consumer Law Group is a very professional law firm that took care of all the details to settle my lemon law case.