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If the thought of taking on that car dealership, debt collector, or credit reporting agency makes you feel like David taking on Goliath, you need a law firm on your side to even the odds.

The Consumer Law Group is not a national chain of attorneys focused on class action lawsuits or large numbers of clients. Instead, when we take your case, we focus on you and protecting your rights against the Goliath who is stepping on them. We know the law and we will deliver quality representation that brings down the giant.

We Focus on These Consumer Protections

Our law office in Richmond accepts cases in various areas of fraud and fair debt practices. We have a proven record of success with cases in the following areas:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act. When information is misreported on a credit report, the interest rate you are offered for a loan can be inflated, if you can even get approved for a loan at all. We will support your efforts to correct your credit reports and ensure that only parties who have a legal right to are allowed to access your credit history.
  • Virginia Lemon Law. As an author of Virginia’s lemon law, John Gayle knows this law inside and out and will represent you against the car dealership or auto manufacturer who has sold you a substandard vehicle. If you have a legitimate lemon law claim, we will make sure you are compensated.
  • Auto Fraud. When a car dealer tricks you into accepting unfavorable loan terms or sells you a car you don’t want, we have the experience in auto fraud law to undo the harm that has been done. You have the right to be treated fairly by car dealers and we will hold dealers to high standards.
  • Debt Harassment. Being in debt should not condemn you to unfair treatment and constant harassment from debt collectors, in fact, many tactics used by debt collectors are outright illegal. We can protect you from debt harassment and help you get out from under the burden of debt.
  • Debt Settlement. Many people are unaware that there are options when it comes to paying off debt. Whether you are facing credit card debt, unpaid medical bills, car loan defaults, or any other form of debt, we can negotiate on your behalf with your creditors to get an affordable payment plan started so that you can avoid bankruptcy and get back on track.

Contact Our Attorneys Today to Discuss Your Situation

If you feel that your rights as a consumer are being violated, we want to help you. Contact us today to request a consultation with the experienced legal team of The Consumer Law Group, P.C. From our office in Richmond, we proudly serve all of Virginia.