I was referred to Mr. Gayle by another attorney in reference to a lemon that I was sold by one of these name brand automotive dealerships. I was in negotiation with the Corporate Office of the Automotive Company and was concerned with the numbers that I was presented. No matter what I said, they would not budge. I did a consultation with Mr. Gayle, he reviewed my paperwork and immediately confirmed that the numbers were wrong and that I was not being completely compensated under the lemon law.

He equipped me with the knowledge I needed to get this transaction done. He did not pressure me to hire him, waste time or drag out the session to charge more.

Though I was impressed enough to hire him, he suggested that I go back with the knowledge he gave me since I had already established an open dialog with them and see what they said. If they conformed to the outlines of the law, I wouldn't need to hire him and my case could be closed rather quickly. If they didn't, then he would take me on as a client.

I went back to them with Mr. Gayle's notes and they acknowledged their errors. Included the missing items he pointed out and resent the final paperwork in less than a week to close the deal.

Mr. Gayle and his staff provided excellent service!

Andrea A