People often complain to us that they purchased a car which was previously in an accident.  

Two things you must do when purchasing a car, either new or used.

1.  Take someone with you who can witness the transaction and negotiations.

2.  Ask the question, "Has this vehicle ever been in an accident?"  Make sure your witness is there and listening.  Make sure the salesperson answers the question!

Now that is easy.  I can't tell you how many times we can't help someone because of these two things.  Otherwise you end up in a he said, she said situation.

If you have done these two things, and the salesperson says it has never been in an accident, and you later find it has been in an accident and the dealership knew about it you may have a good case under auto fraud.

John Cole Gayle, Jr.
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Consumer Law Pioneer and Co-Author of Virginia's Lemon Law
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