My husband and I were without a doubt 100% impressed by the professionalism and timely response that this law group possessed.  We were a little reluctant on using a law firm that was not based in our home town as we were not sure of the attention our case would hold.  However, the interaction between not only Mr. Gayle but also his staff was superb.  Thankfully we were able to settle our case before trial and were thrilled to meet Mr. Gayle and his staff when we picked up our settlement check.  Again a big "Thank You!!"

A lot if times when dealing with attorneys you will find you will speak more with their assistants than the attorney him/herself.  However, there were many times we spoke to Mr. Gayle and his attention and detail to our case was specific.  I would highly recommend Mr. Gayle and his staff to anyone who is ever in need.


Chase and Jennifer