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The Consumer Law Group, P.C.
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Former Clients Offer Testimonials About Working With Our Firm

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case.

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  • "The Consumer Law Group made me feel like they had my back..."

    The service that The Consumer Law Group provided was wonderful.  LG told me to fill out the notice letter [template that Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr.created] and that worked. I liked that The Consumer Law Group called me now and then, to check up on me. It made me know that you all were thinking of me. It made me feel like someone had my back.  You all really helped me. If I ever hear of people having problems similar to mine, I will be sending them your way.

    Jay of Lancaster County
  • Review of Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr. and The Consumer Law Group, P.C., regarding Virginia Lemon Law

    Dear Mr. Gayle and The Consumer Law Group team, You had mentioned to me at one point that your firm does not always hear back on what happens after you share your advice and direction, so I am forwarding this email to you. During our consultation with Attorney John Cole Gayle, Jr., Mr. Gayle reviewed the VA Lemon Law and BBB Auto Line process. The information and instructions he shared won this case for my family member. Thank you for being responsive, supportive, and providing a clear process to follow. Kind regards,  

    Grateful Consumer in DC
  • Results from our Lemon Law Case were very satisfying.

    I was very satisfied with the results of the settlement in our Lemon Law case.  It took longer than expected, but in our case, patience paid off.  Mr. Gayle encouraged us to continue the process even when we were most doubtful of the outcome.  Mr. Gayle did not overstate our chances of "winning" a decision in our favor.  

    Kyle Coble, Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • We needed help with our Hyundai Lemon. We called John Cole Gayle's office. Problem solved.

    In mid December 2011, Carol and I took delivery of our new Hyundai 4.6 Genesis Sedan.  Three weeks later the first failure to start occurred.  In the next year; in Christmas 2012, six additional failures occurred.  The dealership was unable to correct any of the deficiencies.  They did charge the battery and we picked up the car which started when jumped.  After Christmas 2012 the car sat dead in our driveway until it was towed back to the dealership.   In the middle of 2012 we became aware of the Lemon Law.  We decided to take advantage of the law since in our first year of use we were only able to drive about 8000 miles, mostly on longer distance travels. Once we had contacted The Consumer Law Group, we were advised of the ability of the Lemon Law to solve automobile deficiencies with our new Hyundai Genesis.  This resulted in understanding it would be a long time and frustrating effort to resolve.  With John Gayle's help it was realized successfully.  The Consumer Law Group was very helpful in keeping the parties informed of the status of the resolution.  They also helped soothe our frustration.

    Charles H. Midlothian, VA
  • The willingness to provide support and candid advice was much appreciated.

    Our experience with The Consumer Law Group and John Gayle was outstanding.  They made a very difficult situation understandable and provided high quality service, professional staffing and candid advice.  The willingness to provide support and candid advice was much appreciated.  In each step of the process, Mr. Gayle and his staff was always available to provide assistance and listen to concerns.  The things that most impressed us were accessibility and trust.

    JoAnne Jones
  • Lemon Law Clients in Virginia are completely satisfied.

    We are completely satisfied with the outcome of our case.  John C. Gayle, Jr., Pamela Sue Campbell and the staff at The Consumer Law Group, P.C. were professional, provided impeccable service and advice, straightforward with the procedure regarding the Lemon Law complaints.  They were honest and most efficient in all correspondence and their legal assistance.  The Consumer Law Group, P.C. ensured that we were treated and compensated fairly. We plan to recommend The Consumer Law Group, P.C. to anyone who is in the same predicament that we were in.  We pity any consumer who is not aware of the Lemon Law and/or aware of the expertise of John Cole Gayle, Jr. and The Consumer Law Group, P.C.

    Minnie & Russ Irwin
  • When tackling big corporations it is good to have a pro like John Cole Gayle, Jr. and his group, The Consumer Law Group, P.C. behind you.

    We were very happy with the outcome of our case.  Everyone at The Consumer Law Group, P.C. was very helpful, pleasant and cooperative.  Great Group!  The benefits of working with The Consumer Law Group is the sanity check and guidance in a field we were VERY unsure about.  I would Definitely recommend John Gayle and The Consumer Law Group.  When tackling big corporations, it's nice to know that there's a pro standing behind you and guiding you along the way.  It's a long, tedious process to battle a big dog.  I'm not so sure we would have had the success we had w/out knowing The Consumer Law Group was on our side.

  • Lemon Law case settles and the client is thrilled.

    We were thrilled with the outcome of our Lemon Law case.  We liked working with The Consumer Law Group because they were very knowledgeable about our case and they got the job done.  We also liked having Pam to work with when I had questions, knowing that lawyers have very little time to be on the phone.  (I used to work for lawyers.)  We liked getting our case settled in a timely manner and we liked winning!!!  I would recommend The Consumer Law Group because they are extremely knowledgeable about what they are doing and they do a great job!  I was very pleased with my outcome of my case and felt like everyone at The Consumer Law Group was extremely helpful and kind.  Thanks for everything!

  • Everything and more.

    You were everything your reputation said you would be as recommended by a Commonwealth Attorney I spoke to.  Thank you for your help.

    Roy Walker
  • The Consumer Law Group is a very professional law firm.

    The Consumer Law Group is a very professional law firm that took care of all the details to settle my lemon law case.

  • I was the one lonely guy in the big corporate world and I did not know if my issues would ever get resolved.

    Pam and John, I want to thank the both of you for an outstanding job, it was a better outcome than I could have ever imagined.  The way that you treated me from day one was astonishing.  Before you took my case I felt like I was getting strong armed and that I was the one lonely guy in the big corporate world and I did not know if my issues would ever get resolved.  When we first talked on the phone and you suggested I come in a sit down to go over my options, from that moment on I knew that I had made the right decision and I felt a large burden lifted from my shoulders.  As the case progressed and you gave me updates, I couldn't have been happier, I no longer felt stranded.  I could not have asked for a better legal team.  I would and have recommended you to people that I have come across with similar situations and Lemon Cars as mine.  The only downfall of my settelement being over is that I no longer have a reason to correspond with you on a daily basis.  Over the past couple of months I feel like you have become an extension of my family and I am truly grateful for the experience that I had with you both, so take care and keep up the GOOD WORK.  

    DS York County, VA
  • Succesful result for Lemon Law case.

    Pam, I wanted you and John to know how much I appreciate having worked with you both.  I never wanted to take anyone to court.  I wasn't sure if I should take Subaru to court.  However, I knew I had a car that was not safe, almost killed me, and could do the same to someone else.  I struggled and pleaded for a year with Moore Dealership and Subaru of America to repair my car, to no avail.  I could have traded it in, but that would have been wrong.  Trading in my car would have put someone else in a dangerous car unknowingly.John evaluated whether I should pursue the Lemon Law.  Obviously that decision was yes.  I needed to rely on John and yourself, as I had no idea what I should be doing.  You gently led me down a successful path.  I am very relieved I made the right decision in going to your law firm, and very relieved my former car has to be dealt with by Subaru.It was a fascinating experience, much less stressful than I had anticipated, and finished!  There is one downside.... I will not be corresponding with yo or John on a regular basis anymore!  I enjoyed your professionalism and compassion, when working with you both.  Once again, thank you for everything.

  • I never thought I would see this day come...

    Pam, I never thought I would see this day come. Please tell Mr. Gayle thank you so very much and a thank you for all of your assistance. This has been a long 3 years. Again, from the bottom of my heart- Thank you and God Bless!T.R., Newport News, VA