In mid December 2011, Carol and I took delivery of our new Hyundai 4.6 Genesis Sedan.  Three weeks later the first failure to start occurred.  In the next year; in Christmas 2012, six additional failures occurred.  The dealership was unable to correct any of the deficiencies.  They did charge the battery and we picked up the car which started when jumped.  After Christmas 2012 the car sat dead in our driveway until it was towed back to the dealership.  

In the middle of 2012 we became aware of the Lemon Law.  We decided to take advantage of the law since in our first year of use we were only able to drive about 8000 miles, mostly on longer distance travels.

Once we had contacted The Consumer Law Group, we were advised of the ability of the Lemon Law to solve automobile deficiencies with our new Hyundai Genesis.  This resulted in understanding it would be a long time and frustrating effort to resolve.  With John Gayle's help it was realized successfully.  The Consumer Law Group was very helpful in keeping the parties informed of the status of the resolution.  They also helped soothe our frustration.

Charles H. Midlothian, VA