After conducting research, taking test drives, comparing prices, and finally purchasing a used car, pickup truck, or motorcycle, you may be absolutely frustrated to learn that you ended up with a problem vehicle. If this has happened to you, you may want to find out if your used car qualifies as a lemon. Learn more about how the Virginia Lemon Law applies to used vehicles here in this video.

While the Virginia Lemon Law is in effect to protect buyers from being stuck with a lemon vehicle, there are certain limitations to the law. The truth of the matter is that not every vehicle is covered; however, the Virginia Lemon Law does apply to all new vehicles as well as certain used vehicles. It is important to note that previously owned vehicles are only covered by this law if the original manufacturer’s warranty has not been in effect for longer than 18 months and the warranty has not expired.

Please note: If a vehicle was purchased by the first owner more than 18 months ago, then it does not fall under the Virginia Lemon Law. If you are not the first owner—but the vehicle was purchased by the first owner less than 18 months ago, then it may qualify as a Lemon. 

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