If the car you bought is a lemon, you have certain rights and protections available to you. In certain circumstances, the manufacturer of your car may even have to buy it back from you. If you’ve purchased a lemon, one of the first things you should do to exercise your consumer rights is to send a letter to the maker of the car. This letter is to put them on notice about the problems you’re having with your vehicle, allow them an opportunity to rectify the problems, and to request a buyback if the defects are not able to be fixed. For more instructions on how to give notice to the manufacturer, visit this article on our website "Instructions on How to Give Notice to the Manufacturer for a Virginia Lemon Law Buyback." Here’s a sample letter that you could use to craft your letter:

Overnight Mail (UPS or FED EX or USPS Overnight)
(Manufacturer’s Name)
Customer Relations Department
(Manufacturer’s Address)(See your warranty manual)


Re:  Final Repair Attempt, Request for Informal Dispute Resolution pursuant to 15 USC 2310 and Revocation of Acceptance

Dear Customer Relations Department:

I am writing this letter to provide you notice of the defects in my (Year of the vehicle, make, and model of the vehicle), VIN (Fill In) (How to find your VIN). (Your name and co-signer’s name, if applicable) bought this vehicle on (MM/DD/YEAR) at (Name of Dealership) in (City, State).

The problem(s) that I have had or currently have with my vehicle are as follows:

1. (List first problem)
2. (List second problem)
3. (List third problem), etc.

I have attached copies of my Repair Orders for these problems.

Please contact me as soon as possible so these problems can be corrected once and for all and for information on your informal dispute resolution procedure. If you cannot correct these problems within 15 days of receipt of this letter, please note that at that time my acceptance of the vehicle is deemed revoked and I request you buy it back, or pay my damages.

My contact information is:

(Your Full Name, as it appears on your paperwork)
(Your complete address)
(Your phone numbers - home, work, cell)
(Your email address)
(The co-signer’s Full Name)
(Co-signer’s complete address)
(Co-signer’s phone numbers - home, work, cell)
(Co-signer’s email address)

(Save a copy for your records, and ours if you need us later)


Our Lemon Law Attorneys Are Here If You Need Help

Unfortunately, sending a letter like this is often not enough. If you find that the dealership is being difficult, we urge you to contact us for help. Attorney John Gayle is the co-author of Virginia’s Lemon Law, and has years of experience protecting the rights of consumers just like you. We’re dedicated to serving the entire Commonwealth of Virginia from our headquarters in Richmond. Contact us here or call 804-282-7900 to speak with us about your lemon case today.