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What is Title Washing?

All states have "brands" that are put on vehicle titles to designate that the vehicle has some kind of derogatory history so that a purchaser or anyone looking at the title will know this fact about the vehicle.  But the brand or term used from one state to another may be different.  For example, in Virginia, if the odometer is inaccurate, the title will indicate the mileage is "Not Actual", or if the vehicle has been in a serious accident, the title MAY have a brand indicating it was "Repaired".  If the repair cost was greater that 75% the brand is "Rebuilt", or if totaled and repairs would cost 90% of the value of the vehicle, the brand is "Non Repairable".  When a title is so branded, deceptive dealers or insurance companies, or others will try to find a state that does not have such a brand to then title the vehicle in that state so that the title brand is "washed off", and then once the title is issued, sell the car in any state it wants, since the title is now "clean", and the vehicle will sell for much more.  Is this legal?  No, it's fraud.