It Is Important to Check for Recalls That Effect Your CarWhat began as a recall involving only six automakers in 2013 has expanded to include over 65 million airbags in 42 million vehicles across 19 different brands. The recall is so broad; it is hard to know if your current vehicle is affected. If you are worried about the air bags in a car you own, or are considering buying a used car and want to make sure its airbags are safe, you should check the complete list of recalled vehicles provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA’s Website Answers Important Questions

Because used car dealers are not prohibited from selling cars with unrepaired recalls on them, you should do your own research before buying a used car. You do not want to buy a car with defective airbags. NHTSA’s website also offers answers to a broad range of frequently asked questions. Many owners have experienced frustrating and long-term delays in getting their airbags repaired under the recall. When you look up your car on the website, you will see a message indicating whether the recall can be completed immediately or whether the parts are not yet available.

Many people are understandably worried about driving their cars while waiting for the dealer to fix the airbag. While most cars with Takata airbags will perform as they are supposed to in a crash, there have been 11 deaths and 184 injuries in the U.S. so far caused by defected Takata airbags. If you are uncomfortable driving your car before it is repaired, you can ask your dealer for a loaner while you wait, but the dealer and manufacturer are not required to provide one. If you have been waiting a long time for your repair to be scheduled, it is important to remember that the vehicles that pose the biggest threat are being repaired first. You may have to be patient while you wait for your repair.

Stay Current on Your Recall Information

We recommend that you not purchase a used car with an open recall for a Takata airbag. If you already own a car that has been recalled, you may have to wait to get it fixed. Find out everything you need to know on the NHTSA website: Takata Air Bags.


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