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Virginia Auto Fraud and Lemon Law Differences

http://www.theconsumerlawgroup.com/ Are you unhappy about your car purchase in Virginia and wondering if you have a Lemon vehicle or a case of auto fraud? Watch this video to find out the differences between the two situations.

An auto fraud case typically involves an auto dealer misrepresenting a vehicle’s history or condition, such as failing to disclose that the car you bought was salvaged. Lemon laws are different in that there is a specific statute that allows customers to get their money back if a car cannot be fixed within a certain number of repair attempts and if it is a significant problem.

Whether you believe your car to be defective or information about your car turns out to be untrue, you may have rights to certain damages or a full refund. To make sure you get the dealer or manufacturer to give you what you deserve, call The Consumer Law Group, P.C. for a consultation at 804-282-7900 or contact us online at http://www.theconsumerlawgroup.com/contact.cfm.

John C. Gayle, Jr.
Consumer Law Pioneer and Co-Author of Virginia's Lemon Law