If you want to get out of a car purchase, one way is to prove that the dealer committed auto fraud during the sale of the purchase.  This is called a fraudulently induced contract.  It does not matter if it was sold AS IS.  If fraud induced you to buy the car, then you can cancel the deal and get your money back.  Hopefully you have a witness to the lie you claim the dealer made, since he or she will surely deny they said it.  And then it is a swearing match, that you will probably lose unless you have some proof he or she said it.  Otherwise, there is not easy way out.  So, if you can truthfully allege that the dealer lied to you about the condition or history of the vehicle, then that is fraud, and you can take him to court.  You were induced to buy the car based on the car dealers misrepresentation about the car.  The representation must be a fact, not an opinion, or a promise.  A fact such as, "This car has never been in an accident." - when you find out later it had been in one.  or, "This was a one owner local vehicle" - and you find out later it's a multiple owner car or a former rental car.  Rather than "She's a beauty" or "in good condition".  Courts see this as typical sales talk, and is considered "puffery" and OK.  It is a fine line.  You can also sue for violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (What is the Virginia Consumer Protection Act?). If you have had any of these things happen please call The Consumer Law Group, P.C.