If you purchased a used car, you may have been presented with an “as is” contract. Dealers want you to believe that by signing an “as is” contract they have no obligation to you if you are unhappy with your car. However, we want you to know what it really means to sign an “as is” contract.

When purchasing a used car from an automobile dealership in Virginia, it is likely that the car will be sold “as is”. What this indicates is that you are not getting a warranty on the car, which means the dealer will not be held responsible when something mechanically goes wrong with the car. What an “as is” contract does not mean is that the dealer can lie to you about the condition and history of the car. If a dealership misrepresents the condition of the car or has lied to you about the car never being in an accident or a flood, they cannot hide behind an “as is” contract to protect themselves. If this has happened, you may have a claim against the dealer for auto fraud.

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