When you buy a used car from an auto dealer in Virginia, you probably would assume that the information they are telling you about the vehicle you are considering purchasing is accurate. However, sometimes this is not the case, and dealers have been known to misrepresent the truth. 

While there are many good, reputable dealers in our state, there are also some dishonest automobile dealers that are only looking to make a profit—even if it is at the customer’s expense. One of the ways they engage in auto fraud is by misrepresenting the truth about wrecked, flooded, or damaged cars to customers. Some dealers think they need to lie to customers about the condition or history of a car; however good dealers would disclose if a previously owned vehicle has a cosmetic issue or if it was ever wrecked.

If you bought a car and later learned it had been in a wreck or is a flood vehicle, you may be a victim of auto fraud. To find out what options you have and to learn about your rights, please contact The Consumer Law Group in Richmond for a consultation at 804-282-7900 or contact us online at

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