Posted on Feb 02, 2020


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Recently an article was written by Gustavo Henrique Ruffo and posted on Ruffo discusses how Tesla's new car warranty, which is distributed to customers only online and not in print form, subtly morphs over time. If owners of Teslas are not careful, they may think their warranty covers a vehicle issue--and the updated warranty may not. When approaching the manufacturer to address what they believe to be a breach of warranty, Tesla may simply refer to their website and say that the item/issue was never covered. 

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Tesla Changes Warranty Terms To Shield Against Recent Issues

By: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo


Owners accuse the company of pretending “old information never existed.”

Tesla’s “New Vehicle Limited Warranty” terms reportedly change from time to time. You do not manage to find old versions easily, but we had to look for one due to the latest changes. They specifically address issues Tesla is facing with many consumers, such as the battery update that restricted range and supercharging speed, the Model 3 paint issues, and the MCUv1 eMMC memory failure. Instead of fixing them, the company seems to have preferred to put the burden on its client’s shoulders.