To qualify for legal action under the Virginia Lemon Law, a car must have gone through a certain number of repair attempts, depending on the problem. While this law gives consumers important protections when they make the decision to purchase a vehicle, these limitations also mean that a buyer may not be sure that action can be taken for quite some time after the sale. Because of this, it’s important for car buyers to keep careful records and documentation related to the car—just in case it turns out to be a “lemon.”

What Documents to Keep After You Buy a Car

A big problem that many people have with asserting their rights under the Virginia Lemon Law or a claim of a fraudulently induced sale is that they haven’t held on to important documents or communications that could help them prove that there was a problem with the car that couldn’t be repaired. To protect yourself after a vehicle purchase, here are some of the important pieces of information you should be hanging on to after you buy a car:

  • Originals and copies of all documentation you were given at the time of sale
  • Originals and copies of repair orders and receipts for work on the car
  • Specific information about the problem and the work that was done
  • Originals and copies of any communication between you and the manufacturer or dealer, especially and e-mails or texts or online ads for your car
  • Records of how long the vehicle was in the shop for each repair attempt
  • Notes for your own records, including the vehicle’s VIN, dates and times of repair appointments, phone calls, and any other potentially relevant information

Make sure you keep these documents organized together and in a safe place. If you believe you have a problem that can be addressed under the Lemon Law, you’ll already be several steps ahead when it’s time to take action or start talking with an experienced attorney about your complaints.

Getting Help If You’ve Been Sold a “Lemon” in Virginia

Do you need help with a complaint under the Virginia Lemon Law? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help today. John Gayle, Jr. is a premier authority on Lemon Law in Virginia, and he has helped thousands of people protect their consumer rights and take legal action. If you're fed up with your lemon and want to take effective action today, your first step is to contact John Gayle and the Consumer Law Group. Fill out our Lemon Law Intake Form with your concerns, and a member of our legal team will respond to you soon.

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