If you purchased a new car from a dealership that is continuously breaking down or giving you cosmetic, safety, or performance issues, you may be entitled to a full return of your money or a replacement vehicle of equal value. Virginia has a lemon law designed to protect consumers from faulty vehicles. It is important, however, to seek assistance from an experienced attorney when pursuing a claim.

6 Considerations When Choosing Your Lemon Law Attorney

While there are many lawyers out there offering their services, not all are created equally. You will want to choose an attorney with the following qualities:

  1. Experience working with Virginia’s lemon law. The ins and outs of the law are very specific. An experienced attorney will know how best to navigate the legal process and obtain the best results for your claim; John Gayle co-authored Virginia’s lemon law.
  2. Makes you feel comfortable. You will likely be spending a lot of time meeting and communicating with this individual. You will also have many questions during the process. It is important that you be able to communicate well.
  3. Will work to resolve your claim quickly and efficiently. Ask about prior case results and review client testimonials to learn how the attorney has handled lemon law claims in the past.
  4. Has your best interests in mind. It is important to remember that while your lawyer should be a partner in your fight against the vehicle’s manufacturer or dealer, he or she ultimately works for you. While settling quickly may be best for the attorney, sometimes the fight should be carried out longer if it can bring you a better return.
  5. Includes you as much as possible in the legal process. The most successful lemon law claims are won by a combination of the efforts of the client and the attorney. Your attorney should encourage your information and assistance.
  6. Has a track record of success in the courtroom. Some lawyers are notorious for never letting a claim go to court, and the vehicle manufacturers know this. If they are facing an attorney who will not let up the fight even when it means going before a judge, they are more likely to be cooperative.

At the Consumer Law Group, we know how to successfully represent clients in pursuing their lemon law claims. We encourage you to view the feedback from our many satisfied clients on our client testimonials page today.

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