Whether you are shopping for a new car or used vehicle in Virginia, you expect the seller to be honest and tell you the truth about the condition of the vehicle—including if the car was involved in an accident. However, many individuals and auto dealers fail to mention if the vehicle for sale has been damaged or wrecked.

While auto dealers and private sellers should declare if the vehicle they are selling was in a prior accident, many fail to do so. In fact, many lie about this fact in hopes of selling the vehicle faster and for more money. Unfortunately, consumers can end up with vehicles that have been misrepresented to them. If you discover that the seller misrepresented the car you purchased, you are entitled to one of two things. You can either return the car and get your money back, or you can keep the vehicle and ask for the difference in value from what you paid for the car and what it is worth.

You should contact an auto fraud attorney who can tell you if you are entitled to punitive damages or three times the actual damages under the Virginia Consumer Protection Act. Call The Consumer Law Group 804-282-7900 to find out your rights, or contact us online at

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