When you arrive at an auto dealership and go into the showroom, it is important that you know what to say and not say to a salesperson. Dealers are very clever and know how to make money off of you by asking you a simple question, such as: How much do you want your car payment to be? While this question may seem straightforward, it is important that you know why they are asking it.

When buying a car, auto dealerships know that if they focus on your monthly payment instead of the actual price of the car, they will be able to make more money off of your purchase. They will often tell you that they will throw in gap insurance and other ad-ons as part of the deal; however, you should know that they will charge you for those items and wrap it into your monthly payment—disguising what you are really paying for. This is why it is important to steer clear of talking monthly figures until you have discussed the actual price of the car.

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