There is no denying that auto dealers want to sell vehicles. They make a living by selling cars to consumers; however, they are not supposed to be dishonest about the vehicles they are selling. If you believe a new or used car was misrepresented to you, you should watch this video.

Auto dealers can be guilty of auto fraud in Virginia if they fail to disclose a car’s complete history. For example, if you have discovered after purchasing your new car that it was previously in a crash or is considered a flood vehicle, then you may be entitled to return the car and get your money back. However, automobile dealers generally won’t unwind a sale or return money to a customer so easily. This is why you should contact a Virginia auto fraud attorney to investigate and fight for you.

When a dealer fails to disclose information about the new or used car you purchased, you may be a victim of auto fraud in Virginia. For legal help, call The Consumer Law Group at 804-282-7900 or contact us online at

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