Do you have more than one debt collector calling you and demanding payment? If so, you need to learn about the debt collection process and the possibility that a debt collector could be violating the law.

Debt collectors buy and sell debt, which means that your debt could be getting passed around from one debt collection company to another. You should only be receiving calls from one debt collector or debt collection agency at a time. Knowing that your debt can continue to get sold and passed around, it is important that you do get proof of payment or a letter from a debt collector when you pay off your debt. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and debt collectors may sell settled debt. By having proof that your debt was paid off, you may have a claim for damages if another debt collector starts calling you—since it is a violation of the law.

If a debt collector calls on your debt that has already been paid off, you should contact a lawyer for help holding the debt collector accountable under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Call The Consumer Law Group in Richmond at 804-282-7900 or contact us online at

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