The last thing you want to do is purchase a used vehicle that is damaged and will cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in repairs. For this reason, you probably paid to get a Carfax report on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. The problem? The report might not be accurate.

Although Carfax and its competitor AutoCheck spend tons of money advertising their vehicle history reports—making you believe a report will disclose the entire history of a car—it is simply untrue. While these companies do have an extensive database to check for car facts and a vehicle’s history, the database is full of holes. Unfortunately, many people fail to report an accident or don’t turn accident damage into their insurance company. As a result, these reports may not show the entire truth and whether or not a vehicle has been in a prior crash. While a Carfax report will provide some background information when purchasing a car in Virginia, make sure you inspect the car and ask if the vehicle has been in a wreck.

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