I wanted to write and comment as to the positive experience I have had in dealing with The Consumer Law Group and in particular John Gayle.
When faced with a debt collection situation it can be overwhelming.
Some debt collection agencies can be rather intimidating.  As a responsible person I believe in paying all incurred debts.  That being said, I also wish to be treated fairly.  The first step in debt settlement is to have a plan.  I believe that having legal representation is the first step in insuring that a reasonable plan, one that a person can afford to pay, is key to beginning the process.  By having legal representation you are letting the debt collection agency know that your intentions are to honor the debt as well as insuring the accuracy of all reporting.  With the help of The Consumer Law Group I look forward to a quick resolution of this debt as well as the "Peace of mind" that having sound legal advice has given me.  I would not hesitate to recommend The Consumer Law Group to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.  Thank you. Charles Leipertz