About to buy my first new car, I armed myself for the experience and found just the right car at the right price. I got a quote in writing and made the trek to one of Virginia's high volume dealers.

The process was a grueling marathon of waiting to be sold add-ons after I finally agreed to an OTD price with my trade-in included. Thinking I was done, and just needed to sign the final documents, the Finance Rep went to work; throwing out scenario after scenario and interest rates and changes and warranties to "certify" my loan to get a lower interest rate, etc.

Admittedly, I was not prepared for this, and finally agreed and signed some papers, so I could leave in my new car. I was not fully aware to what I agreed, but they worked to the point that I didn't care anymore in that moment.

After a few days, I got a call from the dealer about "mistakes" they made with the initial paperwork. This didn't sit right with me, so I began to research what might be happening. 

I searched "dealer mistake loan paperwork," and similar phrases. I discovered this is a common tactic used by dealers to make the most on your loan through kickbacks and other favors garnered through close working relationships with the dealers and lenders. 

I also discovered the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board of Virginia and stumbled onto their memos sent to dealers after consumer legislation passed in 2009. The memo informed the dealers about their obligations to consumers, and how to legally "Spot Deliver." I also discovered I could legally refuse the new contract and return the car. 

During this research, I discovered The Consumer Law Group, P.C., and after having a brief phone consultation, I knew I was within my right to refuse to sign the new paperwork and return the new car to the dealer. Since I live 3 hours from the dealer and was driving the car as if I owned it, the car had close to 900 miles by the time I finally spoke to the Finance Representative. Knowing they would have to accept their car back and "make me whole" for my down payment and trade-in, they kept the original contract in place, and removed all the add-ons I felt I was tricked into purchasing. 

I even got an apology from the Finance Representative for being unclear when selling me the add-ons. Win!

Thank you, guys. I was envisioning years of being reminded of being ripped-off every time I got in my car. now, I love it even more than the first day I got it. It now represents a huge win after having stood up for myself against a powerful entity, and got, what I feel, is fairness. That is rare in today's world.

Without John and Lora Gayle, and their helpful staff, I wouldn't have had the same conviction to fight. They confirmed my rights and responsibilities and gave me a firmer foundation of knowledge to win my battle. A battle fought solely for fairness and the principles of integrity and honesty in business. Thank you to The Consumer Law Group P.C.