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What Our Clients Say About Our Debt Harassment Legal Services

We are proud and honored by the compliments that we receive from our clients. Here are a few of them... Please contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case.

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  • Thanks for the advice from Mr. Gayle

    I called Mr. Gayle's office to ask about FDCPA and debt harassment for a debt I did not owe. Because of Mr. Gayle's advice, they have dropped everything.  I did exactly as Mr. Gayle specified.  I really appreciate the straight forward approach advice from Mr. Gayle.  His advice saved me a lot of time and worry.

  • Client surprised she was getting a check for her FDCPA claim.

    In my FDCPA - Debt harassment claim, I was honestly quite shocked that the outcome meant a check for me.  Obviously, very pleased with the way that things worked out!  The Consumer Law Group, P.C. is very professional - both the attorney and staff.  I also felt that my case was handled quite speedily.  The greatest benefit for me wast that I no longer was contacted and harassed by the collection agency.  That made my life less stressful which I was very appreciative of.  I would definitely recommend your group!  I was treated kindly - I did not feel that I was being judged.  I appreciated the fact that I was able to contact your office and receive feddback in a very timely manner.   Thank you for taking care of a serious, stressful matter in such a superb way.  I am very appreciative of all of your efforts Mr. Gayle and Pam!

  • You are THE BEST!

    I want to say Thank You to all that were imvolved with my case at The Consumer Law Group for all your time and effort.  I am so glad that there is a law firm such as yours that stands for the people and protects us from unlawful collection practices.  I was bullied by a debt collector for false ebt, I remember the day I called The Consumer Law Group and spoke to Pam.  Pam gave me hope and made me realize there is law that protects me.  This has been a long 2 1/2 years.  Thank yo so much for protecting me and my rights.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are THE BEST!

  • I would definitely retain The Consumer Law Group again if ever needed again.

    The Consumer Law Group treated me very well before, and during and after my case had been settled.  They listened to my concerns, and/or questions and responded promptly and courteously.Before I called them, I didn't know what to expect, nor what my options would be, if any at all.  They made me comfortable throughout the entire process.Now that this part of my debt harassment  (FDCPA) case has been settled, I was overwhelmed with the outcome.  I would definitely retain The Consumer Law Group again if ever needed again.  Thank you!