Posted on Mar 09, 2010

TOKYO (AFP) – Embattled Toyota said Friday it had found no evidence of failure in vehicles it had fixed for accelerator problems after some 60 post-recall complaints were sent to US authorities.

US regulators said Wednesday they were looking into complaints from Toyota drivers who say they experienced sudden spikes in speed in vehicles that had been repaired under the auto giant's recall.

However, Toyota said it took the reports "extremely seriously" but had found no evidence that the problem was persisting.

The company said it "moved quickly to evaluate the vehicles and interview the owners", stressing that the reports "involve a tiny fraction of the more than one million vehicles dealers have repaired to date".

With US authorities "now reviewing the results of our evaluations, it is inappropriate for Toyota to provide specific information about the company?s conclusions," said a statement by Toyota Motor Sales USA.

"However, the evaluations have found no evidence of a failure of the vehicle's electronic throttle control system, the recent recall remedies or the brake override feature," said the statement released from California.

Toyota said it would continue verifying all such cases after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it received dozens of complaints from Toyota drivers even after their cars were repaired.

The Japanese auto giant has recalled more than eight million cars and trucks worldwide, including six million in the United States, to address potentially deadly defects blamed for incidents of sudden, unintended acceleration.


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