MIDLOTHIAN, Va. — A Nebraska-based food manufacturer says it is working to obtain a fudge bar from a Midlothian woman to do an analysis after the woman says she found a metal wire in the frozen treat.

Michelle Lynam said she often indulges in Healthy Choice fudge bars before bed.

“The fudge bars are just the nice perfect little treat,” Lynam said.

wireinicecreambarBut, the last time Lynam bit into her fudge bar, she said she bit into metal.

“Looking at the wire, I noticed how disgusting it was…rusty and filthy,” Lynam said.

Lynam was not hurt by the sharp object, but said she shudders to think about what would have happened if her daughter had tried to eat it.

“My kids go in that freezer all the time, and grab popsicles and fudge bars,” Lynam said.

Lynam reported the incident to the ice cream’s manufacturer, ConAgra Foods, on Facebook.

“Within a couple hours they got back to me and expressed their concern,” Lynam said.

A ConAgra Foods spokesperson told CBS 6 that food safety and quality matters very seriously, and they are working with Lynam to get the popsicle to do a lab analysis.

Consumer lawyer John Gayle said companies should take complaints like Lynam’s seriously, and ConAgra is handling the complaint correctly.

“They might want to track down the source of the problem to correct it,” Gayle said.

Gayle said customers can typically only sue when someone is physically hurt in these situation, but he urges consumers to always report problems.

“Take a picture of it, show this to the company and send a letter off,” Gayle said.

The ConAgra spokesperson told CBS 6 they checked their records and found they did not have any other complaints of a similar nature.

Here is the full statement from ConAgra Foods spokesperson Monique Farmer:

“We are working directly with this consumer to understand the situation and conduct a thorough analysis. We take food safety and quality matters very seriously and we will do what is necessary to resolve the matter. We have not seen other issues of this type and we working hard to learn more facts about the situation.”

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