When you head to the dealership to purchase a new car, you’re probably expecting an exciting and positive experience. Unfortunately, the reality is that some cars are simply “lemons,” meaning they will have repeated mechanical, cosmetic, or performance failures resulting in costly repairs and countless headaches for the owner. For this reason, Virginia has a lemon law in place in order to protect consumers. Consumers are entitled to either a full refund or a replacement vehicle equal to the value of their original purchase if they end up with a lemon.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney When Pursuing Your Lemon Law Claim

In order to improve your chance of success when pursuing such a claim, it is best to seek the assistance of an attorney. Here’s why:

  • People who attempt to resolve a lemon law claim without the assistance of an attorney tend to receive less in compensation than those who have an attorney in their corner.
  • An experienced lemon law attorney is familiar with the ins and outs of the law, and will therefore know what to expect and how best to proceed to get you the best possible outcome for your case.
  • An attorney can explain to you how the law works, what your rights are, the best way to proceed, and what to expect from the process. He or she will become your partner in your fight against the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Using an attorney can often get your lemon law claim resolved more quickly. It is an unfortunate reality that vehicle manufacturers will respond faster when they know a claimant is represented by a legal professional.
  • The costs and expenses associated with hiring a lemon law attorney are recoverable from the vehicle’s manufacturer. This means that pursuing a claim with the assistance of a legal professional should not cost you.

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