If you are disputing the actual debt and/or the amount, you must send a debt validation letter within the first 30 days of when the debt collector contacted you for the first time.  Send this letter through certified mail with return receipt requested to ask the debt collector to validate the debt amount.  You should keep a copy of this debt validation letter template for your records. This letter can be sent to any debt collection agency as well as the attorney who collects two or more debts per year.

Once they receive your debt validation letter, they are required to respond to you, in writing, within 30 days. Use this letter as your consumer rights are outlined in the FDCPA law.

Sample Debt Validation Letter

Your name
Your address

Collection Agency Name
Collection Agency Address


Re: Account No:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was going through a copy of my credit report and noticed that there was a collection from your agency on my credit report, which I was not notified about. I am not refusing to pay, but this is a notice that your claim is disputed.

In accordance with the FDCPA, I have the right to request for a validation of my debt. This is asking for proof regarding this and verifying the same.

You must be aware that reporting such inaccurate information will result in defamation of character and it would leave a dark patch on my credit report. You are supposed to stop all collection activities including reporting this information on my credit report. I'm sure you are aware of the fact that non-compliance with this request will lead you to legal trouble.

Please attach copies of the following with the reply:

1. The agreement which authorizes the creditor to collect debt on the alleged debt.

2. The signed agreement from the debtor conforming to pay the creditor

3. The documents regarding the payments made on this account validating the amount.

With regards,

Your signature

Your name