Hyundai vehicles have had significant problems in the past, such as

  • Engine seizure

  • Stalling

  • Oil leaks

  • Engine fires

These problems can reduce the safety, use, and value your vehicle. If your vehicle is new or relatively new, you may have a claim under the Virginia Lemon Law.

What would qualify your vehicle under the Lemon Law?

  • How old is the vehicle? 
    • Note: Vehicles which are 18 months or YOUNGER may fall under the Virginia Lemon Law.
    • If the vehicle is older than 18 months (from the date the FIRST owner purchased the vehicle) then the vehicle would not fall under the Virginia Lemon Law. 
  • Does the vehicle have a current, significant issue?
  • Was the vehicle purchased in Virginia OR is the vehicle registered in Virginia? 
  • Was the vehicle purchased outside of Virginia, but it is registered in Virginia?

What should you do next?

Attorney John Gayle, Jr. is the co-author of the Virginia Lemon Law and is an expert on Virginia Lemon Law. Our firm specializes in this type of claim, and that is why we encourage consumers to contact us.

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