Have you been getting harassed by debt collectors calling your cell phone, but you don’t even know how they got your number? Oftentimes, a consumer will provide their cell phone number on the initial credit application. It’s easy to not remember every single thing that you provided on an application, and these invasive calls can be quite surprising. However, if you did not give the creditor your cell number on your application for credit, then they may not call you on your cell phone. For each time they call your cell phone you can recover up to $500 in damages, up to a maximum of $1500.

Creditors Are Not Afraid To Go Digging For Your Number If You Didn’t Provide It

There are places on the internet where you can research someone's cell phone number if you have their name and general area where they live. The most common way debt collectors get your cell number is when you call them back on your cell phone when you get a collection letter. They then "trap" your cell phone number.

If This Has Happened to You, This Is What You Should Do:

  1. Save the record of the phone number that called to your cell. If you know how, you should also download the messages with a date and time stamp.
  2. Save any messages they leave you; they show who made the call and when, and sometimes the messages themselves will violate other laws against harassing phone calls.
  3. Save your cell phone bills that have the numbers of the company that called your cell.
  4. Finally, contact us. If you think a debt collector is harassing you, your family, or calling your neighbors or your workplace about a debt you owe, call us at 804-282-7900. We can help.