In this "Yo-Yo" Auto Fraud case, our client was advised he was approved for a loan through one particular lender.  Our client signed all the contracts, but then the selling Northern Virginia dealer sent him a second set of contracts, asking for his signature, allegedly claiming the loan had not gone through.  Interestingly the amoung of money difference between the two was not much.  However, since our client did not want to pay any more, he refused, and the dealer said to return the car.  After he returned the car, our client demanded his entire down payment back, which is required under Virginia law, and per the contract, when a dealer in unable to sell the loan to a third party finance company.  The dealer refused saying they would not since they were actually repossessing the car since he failed to pay the last $1000 of his $5000 down payment.  Our client retained us as counselor, and we learned that three companies had approved him for the loan despite what the dealer said.  A federal lawsuit was filed under Virginia law and Federal law for fraud, violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which requires a lender that approves or turns down a loan to advise you of what action it took.  The three lenders never provided that notification.  In this case the dealer never advised that the loan had been approved by these lenders.  The case settled for approximately $35,000.00 which included attorney's fees.