In this FDCPA case, the debt collector, a national debt collection firm, called our client about his student loan.  He was called by an employee of the debt collector regarding payment on the loan.  The collector represented that she was from the United States Department of Education and needed the Plaintiff's credit card information for payment on the alleged debt and that she had to have his credit card information, otherwise she would be putting together his paperwork for garnishment.  The debt collector contacted the Plaintiff at his place of employment several times, even thought the plaintiff had advised not to contact him while he was at work since he was not allowed personal phone calls.  The debt collector continued to contact him at his job regarding the alleged debt.  Since the US Navy has a strict policy regarding servicemen with bad credit and can and will suspend workers with bad credit, these calls caused the Plaintiff great emotional distress from worrying that he would lose his job and how he would survive financially.  The case was settled for legal fees, statutory damages and actual damages to the debtor.