You were shocked when you received your credit card statement and saw that your card had been maxed out. You were even more stunned when you started receiving harassing calls from creditors saying you had defaulted on your accounts. You always pay your bills on time and never go near your limit. After some investigating, you found you were the victim of credit fraud.

Are You to Blame for Your Credit Fraud?

Virginia law states that even the act of attempting to use fraudulent information to make purchases is a crime, but could you have contributed to the thief’s actions? If you were the victim of credit fraud, here’s what you may have done to let it happen:

  • Giving out your account information. When you received the call about a low-cost trip to Bermuda you could get for simply joining a travel club, you were excited. All you had to do was give your credit card number so that your seat was reserved. A few days later, you noticed massive charges on your account and the trip advisors who called you seemed to have vanished into thin air. Unfortunately, you were the victim of credit fraud. Avoid this in the future by never giving out your information over the phone if you didn't place the call.
  • Not staying sharp and focused about your credit cards. Thieves try to play a variety of different tricks on unsuspecting patrons. For instance, a waiter may snap a picture of your credit card when he takes it for your bill, or he may give you a receipt that contains a blank total amount. Additionally, a cashier may walk away with your credit card and write down all of its information before giving it back to you. Keeping your eyes on your card at all times and paying attention to what you are signing, could prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Check your credit report at least once a year.  You are entitled to 1 free credit report per year from the Credit Reporting Agencies:  Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.

Credit Fraud Can Happen to Anyone

If you are the victim of credit fraud and the agencies you are working with to resolve the matter are abusive or aren’t following proper protocol, you have rights. The Consumer Law Group, P.C. can help fight for you. Reach us today by calling 804-282-7900 and talk to a legal professional about your situation.

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