Just a question....  Why do banks make it so hard to stop someone from debiting your account?

You authorize someone to debit your bank account on a regular basis.  Then, you decide not to do this anymore.  You go to the bank and ask them to stop the debits because it is causing your bank account to overdraw. What happens next?  Does the bank tell you what to do or do they hold out on you.  

Federal law says you have the right to stop electronic authorizations.  

Many times the bank says you need to go to the company and ask them to stop.  (Many companies, like payday lenders, won't stop.)  Or you must give us a good reason to stop.  Or you pay us a fee and we will stop payment.  

So, write them a letter asking both the bank and creditor to stop payment under Federal Law.

It's your right!

Even kids know it's wrong to hold out on someone!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GUPY4ZXZME




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