Responding to the article: "Recalled Used Cars Roam the Roads as Federal Legislation Stalls"     

     In light of the fact that vehicles are designated for a “recall” when there is a safety issue, people need to be more aware that there are many vehicles on the road for which a recall has been issued, either as required by the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration (NHTSA) or via a voluntary recall by the manufacturer themselves, but for which no repairs have been made.  Therefore, whenever you are buying a new or used vehicle, or renting one, inquire if there are any recalls on the vehicle, and if those repairs have been made.  Recalls are repairs the manufacturer has agreed to be responsible for, so it should not cost them anything.  

     If enough people become aware of rental companies not doing recalls, and begin to demand it, some companies might begin using the fact that they perform all recalls ASAP as a selling point, and thus put pressure on those rental companies not performing the recalls to follow suit.

John Cole Gayle, Jr.
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