How can you help your car beat the heat during the hot summer months? Use our 5 tips to ensure you are keeping your car in top condition; many are simple enough to be DIY tasks, and the payoff of a little preventative maintenance can be tremendous!

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Tire Pressure: In hot weather the air in your tire expands. You want to make sure you check your tires’ air pressure. If your tires are over or under the pressure needed, this can affect the handling of your vehicle and can potentially be very dangerous. Improper pressure can also lead to a blowout, so make sure you keep an eye on your tire pressure! This is something that you can easily do on your own once every couple of months.
  2. Just Like You, Your Car Needs Fluids: Many mechanics will tell you that some fluids in your car tend to run more in the hot weather. This is because the fluid is thinner due to the heat. Battery fluid can actually evaporate in hot weather as well. Some fluids in your car are easy to keep an eye on and easy for you to take care of yourself. For example, motor oil and windshield wiper fluid can both be easily checked by the car owner.
  3. Double Check the Air Conditioning: The benefit of a properly functioning air conditioner is two-fold. AC keeps you comfortable, especially in these hot summer months. Additionally, on long road trips or when driving on the highway, having your windows rolled up and the AC on can help with the aerodynamics (and therefore gas mileage) of the car. A car with no AC in the summer is miserable, and even potentially dangerous (especially for children and pets). So if you notice that your air conditioning is not getting as cool as it normally does, there could be a leak, and that is something you would want to have checked out and repaired.
  4. Protect Your Interior, Park in the Shade: When you park your car, park it in the shade if possible. If you park in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time, it is possible for your car’s interior to fade. It also can provide severe discomfort for you when you reenter the vehicle. Black leather and many other interior types, can get very hot and possible burn you. It would be a good idea to get a shade for your car windshield for the times that you cannot find parking in the shade. Another helpful tip is when you return to your car, open the doors to let the car air out for a few minutes before getting back into your car.
  5. A Clean Exterior Means a Cooler Car: Make sure you wash your car! Dirt and grime that builds up on the outside of your car can actually absorb heat. This can be damaging to the exterior of your car. If your car is clean and shiny, this can actually help reflect the sun’s rays off of your vehicle so it does not absorb as much heat.

We hope these tips help both you and your car stay cool this summer!

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