CarMax keeps selling ticking time-bomb cars with lethal safety defects to consumers - without bothering to take them to an authorized dealer to get the FREE repairs done first. This is a recipe for disaster. We're working to get CarMax to stop endangering lives, before there is yet another horrible tragedy.  CarMax is the largest retailer of used cars in the US. They took in over $12 billion last year. They can afford to pay workers to deliver cars for recall repairs, and pick them up again. For them, it's all about timing. They make more money by "moving the iron" a bit faster. They don't care about the lives they put at risk.


What can you do to get CarMax to stop selling cars with lethal safety defects?


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Check out the video showing CarMax caught on camera deceiving a prospective car buyer about the safety of their cars.

John Cole Gayle, Jr.
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