From time to time I get calls from people complaining about a company called Direct Buy. This company claims that by bypassing the middle man retailer and dealing directly with the manufacturer, they can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Whatever Direct Buy’s excuse is, it should make you suspicious that it will NOT give you their prices so you can compare them with prices from the manufacturer’s retailers. Once you sign up, agree to not cancel the contract,  and pay a large fee, and possibly monthly payments, they promise that in the future they will provide you with discounts on various home improvement items you want. There’s even a showroom. Once you have signed up  many people have stated that the discounts on the products they want are nowhere near what they were led to believe they would get.


Unfortunately Direct Buy will not usually agree to cancel the contract,  and a lawsuit demanding that it do so fails since you agreed to not cancel during the contract term which I think is three years. You may argue that the contract was breached because the discounts were not what you thought they would be, but I suspect that there are no provisions stating the exact amount of discounts you will get on specific products, and the promises of discounts is pretty vague. At least Direct Buy has a contract with a specific term, I have heard of a company that does this, and signs you up with a no cancellation clause – for life.


In short, don’t buy Direct Buy.

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