"Thank You For Your Service: How One Company Sues Soldiers Worldwide"

        It is despicable what some merchants are willing to do to make a profit.  I am a huge supporter of our free market system, which has been a key factor making the USA one of the most successful economies in the world.  I also believe our free market system is under serious attack by the socialist leaning policies of our politicians, which will dampen the economic success we used to enjoy.  With certain limited exceptions (e.g. the lemon law, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau),  the intrusion of the government into the free market is having serious consequences.  However, it’s because of the greed of companies like USA Discounters, and its diabolical use of unfair contract clauses signed by soldiers this company knows will likely be stationed elsewhere in a couple of years, and not be able to defend themselves, that causes our politicians to pass regulations to prohibit these practices.  We need to stand up and denounce such policies and try and force these companies to change, before the government steps in using a meat clever rather than a scalpel, and we lose one more freedom we used to enjoy.

       This why morality is a critical element of a successful free market system.  As our society become less moral, more selfish,  and concerned only about ourselves, our  free market system, and our country suffers.  

       Shame on you USA Discounters.  If you were trying to do what is right, rather than trying to make as much profit as possible, you would honor these men and women that put their lives on the line for us, treat them fairly by litigating your disputes in a convenient forum for them, rather than trying to get a judgment against them when you know they cannot afford to come to Virginia to defend themselves from you.  

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